Monday, August 4, 2008


If anyone ever has to drink this, I truly feel sorry for you.

I have another 5:30 a.m. hospital appointment. This time for a laparoscopy to put the port in my abdomen. The really good thing is that while they're in there they'll look around and if any tumors have grown since the last surgery, they can be removed. So I'll be starting chemo with a clean slate.

And it looks like chemotherapy will start on Aug. 13th. So it looks like I'll have a few days of feeling good before then. Fun in the city?


  1. August 13....couldn't they have picked a better day! Like the 15th perhaps. But, nice to have a date on the calendar.

  2. Let's have fun!! I'm game and it looks like I have good news on the job front and don't begin the new job until 8/19, so let's run around and do some stuff before my week day free time is gone, yah?
    m a

  3. What could be more fun than entertaining Ember!?

    Who, I note, is turning six months this Thursday. We were thinking of having a half-year birthday party with half a cake and half a candle this weekend... :D