Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dear John

Yesterday I sent a message through the Black Rock City Post Office to be delivered to the Temple:

"To my ovarian cancer cells that chemotherapy will kill during the next 5 months- You are not welcome here. It was just not meant to be..."

From the Jackrabbit Speaks:

The BRC Post Office (Extreme Version) at Tokyo Plaza is initiating the Email-to-Playa Art Program this year. Have your default-world situated loved-ones follow the instructions on:

and they will be able to send a short message transformed to art delivered to their favorite Burning Man participant. The intended BRC citizen will receive it as art (our choice as to which artistic medium!) delivered in person. If we fail to track down the citizen in question, one of our grumpy and/or sexy postal employees will have the art-transformed message at the Tokyo Post Office.

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