Thursday, July 16, 2009

Phospho-Soda Recall

I saw one of those dumb lawyer commercials the other day, and it was for people who want to file lawsuits against Fleet, the manufacturers of Phospho-Soda, which I had complained about in an earlier post. I had to take it to prep my bowels for surgery, but it took all my willpower to get it down and keep it down. Apparently it has been causing serious kidney damage in some people and as of last December has been recalled. I just knew this stuff was evil!!

You can read more about it on the US Recall News website:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

7 again!

Did a month and 1/2 already go by??! My onco visit today went well- my CA125 is still 7, and he didn't find any lumps or bumps in the pelvic exam. Next appt. in 3 months. The doctor says it's as good as it gets! YaY!

We are off for the long weekend camping at an event called Priceless. I'm glad my appt. was before and not after. Now I can celebrate!