Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jiggety Jig

We're home!  

And I have never had such an amazing homecoming!  My sister, Andrea, had popped over earlier today to surprise us with a clean house, food in the fridge, flowers and a card!  We walked in and the first thing I saw was the flowers, along with some special soup packets from Switzerland (Fladli- pancake soup we grew up with.)  Then I noticed fresh bananas in the fruit bowl, and the surprises kept on coming!  The dishwasher had been unloaded, kitchen looks better than it has in a long time, and food in the fridge- new milk, homemade apricot jam, stuff for dinner, my favorite english muffins for breakfast and homemade brownies!  And the living room had been organized!  This was so unexpected and helpful, it really made our day, and was such a nice ending to our trip.

An aside- I'm counting 5 exclamation points in the above post.  Sarah has taken on the job of being my blogging coach.  One of the first things she suggested was to limit the amount of exclamation points and to use them only when necessary.  Well, this time I just couldn't help myself!


  1. From Veek: "A freshened-up house and a loaded fridge - Sounds like domestic bliss! [I would have commented at blogger, but it didn't like my blogger ID for some reason... (maybe cuz I'm really a wordpress person ;-) ]"

    The English Muffins were from TJ's, to answer your question Veek. I have to confess I like the regular ones, not whole wheat... But I am trying to step it up quite a few notches in the nutrition department!

  2. This just proves Annabelle has 2 wonderful sisters! Actually, I am impressed by your thoughfulness and love, Andrea. You are a wonderful sister. Julie

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  4. Glad to hear that your vacation was great and your homecoming so special.