Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No Prob!

This first day doing chemo wasn't too bad at all!  Here was my day:
7:30- Lab for blood work
8:00- Appt. with doctor to check on my new port.  After the placement, he had spoken with Ethan on the phone that they had seen a few spots of cancer about the size of rice grains.  So he was able to tell us more- they were actually very, very small, very common, and will be obliterated by the chemo.  
9:00- Up to the infusion clinic.  The nurse was super nice (and has a dog named Abbie-bell.)  It took a while to get in and settled, then they put in the IV and started pumping in anti-nausea and anti-allergy medicine.  Then started the Taxol.  It was just a plastic bag filled clear fluid hooked onto the IV stand.  Didn't feel anything.  Then had a bunch of hours chatting with Serafine, Ethan and Sarah, watching a smidge of the Olympics, eating a quesadilla and getting the lay of the land.  Next came the Platinol, into my intraperitoneal port (IP for short).  Another innocuous bag on the IV stand.  Again, didn't feel anything.  Really the only thing I was feeling at this point was a bit of wooziness from the anti-allergy stuff.  Then a visit from Lego Kevin, an attempt at reading, some snoozing and watched a few episodes of Lost on the laptop (thanks Molitov!)  
7:30 pm- Check out


  1. Hey, I'm back in town at work, I'll call in a day or two...


  2. Congratulations on making it through your first treatment. I had Taxol and Carboplatinum last Thursday. I felt great the same night and the day after. Then by Saturday morning I was really ill and stayed extremely ill for over 24 hours. I had an adverse reaction to the chemo. I hope you don't go through the same thing!

    Wishing you luck!

  3. Hey Lisa,
    So far I'm doing ok! It's the morning of the 3rd day which is supposed to be the worst one, and I'm feeling a slight bit of nausea, and various pains in my abdomen, which isn't surprising considering what it's been through in the last month. Last night I had weird pains up by my diaphragm which made my breathing really shallow. Feels better this morning. I'm wondering if the tube from my port is irritating that area...

    Sorry you're having and adverse reaction. Do they think it's from the Taxol? Some people have an allergic reaction to it.

  4. Yay, that one is behind you! Hopefully they are all relatively easy!!!

  5. Great news! I hope the treatments continue to go well ! I love using exclamation marks by the way! Love, Violet