Monday, November 24, 2008

A Request

Today is blood draw day, and I'll get the results at the oncologist meeting tomorrow morning before chemo. I really really really really hope the CA125 numbers either stay the same or hopefully go down. Last time, when it went up from 8 to 12, I got really upset even though I KNOW that it doesn't mean anything. It still sucked. And I don't need things that suck. Right now I only want things that make me feel better.

So, your job is to find a heads-up penny, wear your lucky underwear, cross your fingers (but not on both hands), toss a coin into a wishing well, carry a lucky charm, find a four leaf clover, blow out all your birthday candles with one breath, hang a horse shoe over your door (open end facing up), have a ladybug land on you, kiss the mezuzah, roll a lucky number 7, do things in sets of 8, make a wish at 11:11, kiss the Blarney stone, break a wishbone and get the big half, pray, knock on wood, rub a rabbit's foot (preferably a live one), make a wish on the first star, pet your good luck pig, rub the Buddah's belly, wear red..

Did I miss any?


  1. How about "see a shooting star"? I saw one the other day... very lucky! When I see another I'll think of you.

  2. Oooh, good one Lena! I see the most shooting stars while out at Burning Man. Love them!