Thursday, November 20, 2008

NOT a good week

I just barfed my brains out. And have been having pain in my abdomen, some kind of crampy, some stabbing. Not horrible, but it doesn't feel good that's for sure. And my nose is bloody. And I've been a little depressed, so I've been hiding out a bit. And this is supposed to be my good week!

I went to a gynecologic cancer support group today, and was reminded that the particular drug combo I'm doing (and that I'm doing it IP abdominally as well as IV) is supposed to be one of the harshest. Everyone is always so surprised at how well I am handling it.



  1. One more round to go Annabelle. You have come such a long way and the end of all this treatment is near. Hang in there.

  2. I love you. I admire your spunk.

  3. aargh....and double aargh! You mean the oncologist didn't tell you that poison is cumulative? BUT....tomorrow and then one more a week later and you'll be liberated to do what YOU want, not what they scarre you into doing....not that chemo is ALL bad, but to a great extent, now that you're at the end, I think you'll agree it's PRETTY BAD.


    Your "alternate" mom, Idelle

    P.S. The CARE package that Ethan forgot to bring you from me and my friend Joan should go into the mail tomorrow....Priority Mail, no less. Try to get some sleep, Annabrelle. You and I can talk and make the rounds of the thrift shops (and maybe Vivian's Boutique in the Palisades) when you guys come here at Xmas.