Friday, November 7, 2008

Out of it...

My days thankfully are going by very quickly lately. I've got my line up of things I can take to get rid of the nausea, and some of them make me sleepy. I am all for dozing off and waking up with 4 hours already gone by. Then pretty soon it's time for bed and the next day is already here. Luckily Sarah has a second parent, as I'm not good for much around here except drooling.

3 more infusions left. 1 more bad one, and 2 more medium ones. That seems like a fairly doable amount. Now I'm just hoping that my numbers have time to go back down to those single digits again, this last blood test showed them at 12, up from 8... There is an error margin of + or - 20, which helps make it just about as vague as everything else that's been thrown at me. grrr.

ps. Making me happy lately- my new hats from Louse Bialik. A big box of them! They're made by a survivor of 111b breast cancer, so they are soft and comfy. Here's the contact info:

CJ Hats
Mary Ann Weiss

I have so many hats (and a pink wig) now, I'm thinking of starting a hat bank after my hair grows back. Take one when you need one, add a few that you don't need any more. Maybe stationed at a local hospital unless they have rules against used clothes. I'll have to look into this.


  1. That IS a great idea. Perhaps you've found a new calling...

  2. Oh Anabelle, Bodil just told me about how you are doing and gave me the link to your blog. I'm glad I now know how to contact you.

    You are in our thoughts and my prayers (Kaveh's the atheist).

    Much love, Cassie

    p.s. kiss to Ethan

  3. And kisses back to your family, Cassie! We were just admiring Kaveh's painting in our front room the other day, it is one of my most prized possessions!