Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It worked!

My CA125 numbers went down from 12 to 10! And my blood panel came back with everything normal! I would have danced a little happy dance right there in the office, but I was trying to keep that horrible little anticipatory nausea at bay. I was successful all the way up to the infusion center, where I lost it. Dang. We got the IV's put in and I think I basically slept most of the day. Ethan and Sarah came to hang out towards the end, and we visited with some new friends. She also has ovarian cancer, but for her it has spread quite a bit more. And she is doing the same chemo regimen including with the abdominal port. I am two rounds ahead of her, so it's interesting to compare notes.

So I thank all of you who did whatever version of good luck summoning, especially the crane builders. The doctors sounded optimistic. I asked again what happens next, and it sounds like I'll have an appointment with them one month from this coming Wed. when I do my very last chemotherapy, and they'll check my CA125 numbers again. They're considering opting out of doing a CT scan, because the numbers are so low, and if they don't go up, the chances of finding any tumor is small. At this meeting we'll set the date to take out the port. While taking it out, they'll also be able to do what's called a second look surgery with random biopsies. This will really tell the truth about if there are cancerous cells left. If there is a larger tumor growing, we can send a sample for an assay, but I sincerely believe they won't find anything!


  1. That's great ~ in the right direction. Hope you have a really good Thanksgiving.

  2. hip hip hurray is right!! happy thanksgiving :)

  3. What a great thing to read on Thanksgiving....yippee! You are such an incredible trooper with all that you are going through. You have a lot to be proud of.

  4. I did a happy dance for you!!!!

    Yippee-tie-yie-yeah! Hoo-hah!! Yahoo!!! 'Way to go, Annabelly!!

  5. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!
    Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!
    Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy!
    Joy! Joy! Joy!

  6. Yay 'belly!!!! Numbers down! And almost done with all of the rounds--can't believe it! Happy belated turkey day! I'm back from a trip back east to DC to see family. Hope to catch up very soon.

    m a

  7. If I could dance, I'd be doing a physical happy dance for you, but darling, I'm doing a happy dance for you in my wonky, wonky head. Yippee!!

  8. Annabelle! I've been lurking in the shadows reading your posts, following your progress and now I have to write ... Hi! I'm so happy, things are going the right way, they really are ! keep up your amazing spirit. As you can tell now, it works! and thanks for sharing..
    your old pal Veerle