Thursday, July 31, 2014

Plan A

We met with my oncologist yesterday afternoon and now have a plan of action.  On Wed. Aug. 6th I'll be starting 18 weeks of chemo.  Carboplatin and Taxol, similar to 6 years ago since I was obviously responsive before.  The standard treatment is 6 cycles of 3 weeks each (18 weeks total), first week one dose chemo and two weeks off.  Last time for each cycle I did two doses during the first week, one dose in the second week then had the third week off.  This time 18 weeks, one dose each week, no weeks off...  It's an aggressive approach called dose-dense.

No surgery, but maybe radiation after the chemo.  There's still some confusion about this, and my doc is recommending we get a second opinion from a radiology specialist at UCSF.  

First stop, install a port in my chest.  This is where they'll insert IVs and do blood draws.  Much easier than 30+ needle jabs!


  1. I wish I could be there with you, Annabelly! Love you and visualizing your usual spritely self after this is done.

  2. But you got a Port in your chest when Ethan got in your heart.