Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Port removal

Tomorrow I go for a minor outpatient surgery to have the abdominal port removed. My dad said that the last time I was in the hospital to have a port removed was in September, 1993 (when Sarah was born!) My friend Laura had another good one. She said I'm being deported...

I had a choice of a more invasive procedure which would give them a chance to use a scope to do what they call a "second look", or I could do an easier procedure where they use the port to fill my abdomen with fluid, then withdraw the fluid to check it for cancer cells. I chose the latter. At first I thought it would be nice for them to go in and actually look around, then I would be assured that the cancer was gone. But so soon after surgical removal of the tumors followed by chemotherapy, there would more likely be microscopic bits of cancer rather than tumors if there was anything left. They would do biopsies, but this wouldn't guarantee anything. The second look wouldn't change the fact that I may have a recurrence at some point.

This was another difficult decision to make. Nothing seems clear cut anymore, just educated guesses... I'm just trying doing the best I can, and trying to keep my spirits high. Which just might be the best medicine of all.

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  1. It seems like a good guess.
    Deported is good, but don't get reported.