Friday, January 2, 2009


It's funny, I posted yesterday morning about wanting to learn more about what I can be doing to keep the cancer away, and that afternoon I was chatting with a neighbor and she started talking about her daughter's cancer. She told me about an Italian doctor who has a sodium bicarbonate cancer cure, and that all cancers are actually a fungus. So I went home and looked him up and found predominately sites that applauded him. But then found a site that pointed out things like that tumors are usually sent to pathologists, and they would know if it was a fungus. And that the pathologists aren't being paid by the pharmaceutical companies, they are paid the same no matter what label they put on the thing they are studying... Made sense to me. Then there were some links from that page to others that showed this guy had been in jail for fraud and patients of his had died from his treatments... It's just so hard to know who to trust! Maybe it's just a big conspiracy. Or maybe he's a quack. Or maybe chemotherapy is a conspiracy and my oncologist is a quack. Who knows.

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