Tuesday, September 9, 2008

numbers and dates

Tomorrow is round 2, part 2 of chemo. I still haven't bounced back from part 1, so, not really feeling quite ready. A few people have lamented bloggers lack of a calendar, so here's the rundown on my schedule:

9/10- Round 2, part 2
9/24- Round 3, part 1
10/1- Round 3, part 2
10/15- Round 4, part 1
10/22- Round 4, part 2
11/5- Round 5, part 1
11/12- Round 5, part 2
11/26- Round 6, part 1
12/3- Round 6, part 2
(all Wednesdays)

So, part 1 is cisplatin into my abdomen, and taxol into an IV (the hardest week), part 2 is taxol into my abdomen (an easier treatment), then week 3 with no chemo.

The really encouraging thing that happened last week is my CA-125 numbers have dropped significantly!!! Before surgery- 1,500; after surgery- 185; and after the first round of chemo- 14. That's an awfully small looking number compared to 1,500!!! But apparently the numbers can fluctuate during treatment, so I'm going to try hard to not obsess about them.

But, (yay!)


  1. Thank you for the date Bananabelle...I'll obsess on the numbers for you if you like! Here, have some love.

  2. Actually, I meant dates...