Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm leaking

Today I went for part 1 of round 2. It was a long day, but everything went well. I had lots of nice distractions, including a good, chatty visit with Serafine and a package from my sister Julie with a neon pink wig inside! But when I got home, I started leaking from the injection area where the chemo was put in through my abdominal port. The stuff dripping out is most likely the heparin, which is used to prevent clogging, and/or the saline solution used to flush the tubing out. So I called the gyn oncology after hours #, and after consulting with one of my doctors let me know that several people have been having the same thing happen, and they typically stop leaking by the morning. I'm finding that it drips out less when I remain horizontal.

It is very upsetting to have these weird things happening to my body.


  1. It's just after midnight, so the post date is Thurs. already...

  2. leaking from your port. how strange. this all makes you seem like the bionic woman.

  3. I'm so sorry Annabelle- you should not be leaking!! :( Hang in there I know you're gonna be fine- my dad the doc said so!!!
    Thinking of you!

  4. Big loves sweetie. So I guess you can now be port-squared or P2, kinda like pdiddy.

    I hear you on the weird body things...that sucks...any little thing and I freak, so leaking from my port would throw me for a loop! Good for you for getting in touch with the doc and making sure all is well.

    And now for a poem:
    Annabelly is so swell-y
    she's got chemo in her belly.
    Have no fear for cancer's end is near
    Soon you'll only remember it as smelly? (seriously, what rhymes with belly)

  5. hi there annabelle,
    I'm thinking of you. It will be okay, this is just one of life's hurdles.
    love, violet

  6. I totally started to leak 2 days after my c-section. I'm laying there in bed on hold with the Kaiser Advice Nurse wondering if I'm bleeding out, not wanting to wake my son if I can avoid it. After the nurse told me it was "normal" I was like, "how come no one mentioned this then?"